Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Squires Kitchen Intensive Diploma

This is an advanced learner's intensive course  in sugarcraft and cake decoration. Squires Kitchen hails from the United Kingdom, offering intensive training in the art of decorating cakes.

Wilton Course No. 1 - Discover Cake Decorating

The rudimentary course for the fundamentals of cake decoration was rigoursly taught here at the ICCA. The Wilton Method teaches the techniques of cake decoration originating from the United States of America.

Wilton Course No. 2 - Flowers and Borders

Flowers, borders, leaves, petals, stars, etcetera give the cake its unique and personal signature. This course shapes into reality the spark that germinates in the imagination!

Wilton Course No. 3 - Fondant and Tiered Cakes

This course taught me the ins-and-outs, knicks and knacks of fondant icing on tiered cakes, specially meant for weddings and engagements. Now fondant icing has become so versatile that it can be custom-shaped to any limit of the imagination!